Sydney Road Community School

A small government secondary school in Brunswick

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Whole School Camp to Wilson’s Prom

Each year students from all years levels join with a group of staff members on a journey to the most southerly point of Victoria, Wilson’s Promontory National Park.

While all camps are fantastic fun, this years was exceptionally successful with students and staff enjoying themselves and each others company.  The weather held out, allowing for swimming, canoeing, fishing, uno, night actives and the BIG Wednesday walk to Sealer’s Cove. For the first time in many years every single student made it all the way to the end of the 19km walk, up and down hill! What an effort.

Thanks to everyone for their fantastic contribution to making this years end of year camp such a success.


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WISHIN Sleep over

On the 27th of November students from Girl’s Group slept over at school to raise awareness for women and children who become homeless and have to sleep rough, often in their cars. Often this is as a result of escaping domestic violence.

As a group I think we learnt that we need to stand up for our selves more as women and learn to be strong. Stories Trish, the CEO of WISHIN told us when she visited our sleep out, helped me understand, she explained how WISHIN helps women and their children in these circumstances. This has helped Girl’s Group focus it’s fundraising for WISHIN and spread the word about how hard it can be to find your self in this situation.

By Delaney Tite on behalf of Girl’s Group



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Flicker Film Festival

To celebrate the end of the year and another terms hard work, the junior students gathered in the portable for the premiere of their short animations created during term 4.

Students introduced their films with a short explanation of the theme and how they created. Each short animation received rounds of applause and excitement as we enjoyed the wide range of styles, themes and medium used.

With popcorn flowing students reviewed each others films and voted on a “peoples choice” award for most popular film. With such high quality films being viewed, the vote for first place was split between Liam’s Band clip and Jaspers Falling windmill.

Thanks to Heather for supplying the movie snacks and all the students who’s entries made the first ever Sydney Road Community school FLIKER FILM FESTIVAL such a success.

IMG_9070 IMG_9087 IMG_9073 IMG_9068 IMG_9088

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Living with a bucket on your head

IMG_3997  IMG_4087

Sydney has a new leas of life this week after 10 of wearing a bucket on her head, to protect the stitches she needed to help heal a cut she sustained a few weeks ago. Enjoying her self too much at Tess’ family farm, sydney ran into something a sliced her back leg. Thankfully after a short course of antibiotics and the removal of the stitches and the buck, Syd is back on track and finding navigating the school far easier.

She’s very grateful to everyone who looked after her and during this time, and apologises if she bucketed you in the leg!

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.15.47 am

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Junior students perform @ Flowerdale Primary School

On Monday junior students made the 2 hour trip to Flowerdale Primary School to perform for the students and staff. A small country school of around 40 students, from P-6, Flowerdale Primary School was recently able to buy some new music equipment for it’s students. Unfortunately, without a music teacher the equipment has gone largely unused.

With the support of Matt and Ross, our juniors spent the day demonstrating how to use the various instruments and putting on a small concert for the kids. All of our young people overcame their stage nerves to put on a fantastic performance.

Well done Mitch on your first public performance!

IMG_1650   IMG_1667 IMG_1671

We are so proud of our junior group for making this day such a success.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.15.47 am


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