Sydney Road Community School

A small government secondary school in Brunswick

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Living with a bucket on your head

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Sydney has a new leas of life this week after 10 of wearing a bucket on her head, to protect the stitches she needed to help heal a cut she sustained a few weeks ago. Enjoying her self too much at Tess’ family farm, sydney ran into something a sliced her back leg. Thankfully after a short course of antibiotics and the removal of the stitches and the buck, Syd is back on track and finding navigating the school far easier.

She’s very grateful to everyone who looked after her and during this time, and apologises if she bucketed you in the leg!

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Junior students perform @ Flowerdale Primary School

On Monday junior students made the 2 hour trip to Flowerdale Primary School to perform for the students and staff. A small country school of around 40 students, from P-6, Flowerdale Primary School was recently able to buy some new music equipment for it’s students. Unfortunately, without a music teacher the equipment has gone largely unused.

With the support of Matt and Ross, our juniors spent the day demonstrating how to use the various instruments and putting on a small concert for the kids. All of our young people overcame their stage nerves to put on a fantastic performance.

Well done Mitch on your first public performance!

IMG_1650   IMG_1667 IMG_1671

We are so proud of our junior group for making this day such a success.

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Mini Camp = FUN

In mid December this year all students are welcome and encouraged to attend our end of year whole school camp at Wilson’s Prom. In preparation we like to run a short introduction to camp aptly named MINI CAMP, allowing staff and students to share in a stripped down camp experience show casing our camping equipment, including new tents, as well as a taster of some of the exciting activities students can enjoy on camp.

This years mini camp did not disappoint, beginning with a short bus ride, camp briefing and tent inspection. It turns out you can fit at least 6 students into a 2 man tent! From here we explored base camp activities, canoeing, walked up Mt Oberon and down to Sealers Cove for a quick swim, unfortunately Tess was the only one who got wet. All this campy fun was followed by a tradition camp meal of BBQ snags.

Thanks to everyone who got involved.


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Evan’s passion project

This term the middle students have been working on passion projects and creating some amazing stuff. Evan’s passion has been African animals. He has researched and drawn a variety of animals over the term. Last term Evan did part of his work experience at Westgarth Kindergarten and he decided that he would like to make a story book for the kinder students about the animals he has researched. Yesterday we took the book to the kindergarten’s bush kinder setting and read the book to the kids and gave them his book. It was great. Well done Evan. IMG_0161IMG_0164IMG_0174

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WISHIN fundraiser

Girl’s Group have spent the afternoon baking up a storm, producing a range of sweet treats to sell at the Big Night Out.

All money raised by the girl’s will go to WISHIN, an organisation that assists women and their children in finding house and accessing other support networks during times of crisis.

Thanks to all the work put in by Girl’s Group.


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SRCS Big Night Out

The Big Night Out is an opportunity for all our musical students to showcase the years hard work in the studio and band rooms, with a whole school performance. Their were outstanding performances from junior, middle and senior bands, as well as various solo vocals and harmonies from the choir.

This year the event fell on Halloween, providing the perfect theme for dressing up and getting involved in the festivities. The wider school community has a history of getting behind the evening and showing support for all our bands and individuals, and this year was no exception, with some outstanding costumes.

Thanks to everyone who made this event the such a success, setting up, manning the BBQ, supporting the bands, with special mention to Pete, Matt, Ross and Bronwyn for their continued hard work to make the SRCS music program such a rich experience for our students.

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