Whole School Sports Day

This week saw the culmination of a lot of work and planning from a project that Jonah and Thomas have been working on in Community class for most of the year. They went through a rigorous planning, proposal and application process to run a whole school sports day.

The purpose of the day was to have fun, and build relationships and fitness in students. Luckily, it was a beautiful sunny day, and students participated in competitive soccer and basketball matches. Students that weren’t up for playing sport played card games, cricket, bowls and went for walks.

Congratulations to Jonah and Thomas for such a successful event.




Sydney Rd C.S. and RAWCUS present….


Junior and Middle students from Sydney Rd Community School joined forces with a bunch of lovely people from RAWCUS to develop and perform Fanaticus, an intensely physical and creative mash-up of basketball, dance and performance theatre.

Staff and students from Sydney Rd Community School met with the RAWCUS crew weekly for 2 terms to start a performance project from scratch with the aim of doing live public performances of whatever the finished project came to be. Understandably this approach was new to most of us but with such a high stakes aim came a certain buzz. Could we pull ourselves together as a group to bring this off? Building a sense of unity and purpose within the group was core to success. Each of us needed to know we were supported by one another to go out there and push our personal boundaries in order to create a vision and then bring it home. The sporty kids needed to learn the value of dance, performance and a rehearsed vision while the more artful kids needed to learn to be competitive and go for gold. We all needed to learn new ways of communicating with one another, of trusting and of valuing the individual as well as the community. . It was pretty special!

RAWCUS is a social and artistic organisation striving to provide a progressive social and artistic platform for people with a diff-ability. Sydney Rd Community School feels both proud and privileged to have had the opportunity to work so closely and freely with the RAWCUS crew in creating the riveting, the spellbinding, the beguiling…. Fanaticus!!!!…… 

Written by our Performer and School Nurse Jeremy.



At Sydney Road Community School we value student voice and agency. We also value students giving their teachers feedback on their teaching. The feedback Irene was getting from students was they were not satisfied with the surveys that had been used in the past and not all teachers were unpacking their results with their students. Therefore Irene asked for student volunteers to set up a working group to come up with a student feedback survey. Milan, Sydney, Josh, Bella, Zoe, Chelsea and Chloe volunteered for this. The working group brainstormed and came up with the questions they felt were most relevant to them. The students decided that it was important that all teachers and students got the same information regarding the survey so they decided to present the survey as a group. Firstly, they presented to all staff from all three campuses and were able to answer their questions totally unscripted. The working group then addressed all the students at a whole school meeting. In both instances the working group stressed the importance of teachers unpacking their survey results with their students in their individual classes. We would like to congratulate Milan, Sydney, Josh, Bella, Zoe, Chelsea and Chloe on working together co operatively and giving up their time to produce a survey that can be used by all teachers at all three campuses.

Big Night Out Theme 2019

This years Big Night Out is scheduled for Thursday, December 5 and in a tradition that harks back to our early days we held a democratic vote for the theme of the concert. Students voted on the theme ‘On Screen’. This is a very open topic, it means that we can dress up as anything or anyone that has ever been on a screen (including TV, computer, console or movie screen). We hope to see as many family members and friends as possible at this years Big Night Out to celebrate the incredible talent of SRCS students!


Goodbye Susie

This week we said goodbye to one of our favourite kitchen volunteers, Susie. Susie has been coming and cooking beautiful meals at recess for us for the last two years. She has encouraged the students to try new flavours and food combinations in such a lovely way that we now have a lot more students who love curries and Asian flavours. We also have a lot more students willing to give things a go! Volunteers are such an important part of the fabric of our school and they become like family, it’s always hard to say goodbye. WIMG_2238e’d like to thank Susie again for such a beautiful tangible contribution to the health and wellbeing of our school community.