Science Club

Every Friday at lunchtime science club happens!

Last week students made catapults and the week before it was a Lego jousting competition.

Madeline, our wonderful lab tech, leads the sessions and they are super fun, engaging and informal.

Everyone is welcome to come along.

Sensory Room Opening!

After many years of planning, we have officially opened our Sensory Room. This space is for students experiencing sensory overload and needing a quiet place to recalibrate.

It was a big project spanning a number of Student Action Teams, that worked closely with the Parent Action Team, School Co

uncil and SRCS staff.

Kerry Batty, one of the driving forces behind it’s purchase, came in and cut the ribbon for us (and supplied delicious celebratory caramel slice).

This is a very important addition to our school wellbeing program and we’d like to thank everyone that has been involved over the last three years.


We did a big tidy up and clear out of the school over the summer holidays and came across these gems. Compilation CDs from 2003, 2004 and 2005. There are quite a few and if anyone would like one (or ten) they will be in the front office IMG_4745for the next two weeks. Please come and pick one up!

Congratulations Class of 2019

As we prepare to start the new year, it is always really great to reflect on the success of last year. We had a fabulous group of students complete their secondary education with us in 2019 and we wish them the best of luck in the coming year.

We also said goodbye to some really important staff members and also wish them the best of luck for the year ahead.

We look forward to seeing year 7 – 10 and VCE students tomorrow at 9.00 for our first day of school and VCAL students on Thursday at 9.55.

Welcome back

We hope that everyone has had a restful and relaxing summer holiday and that you are feeling ready to return to school for the first day of classes on the 29th of January.

Remember there will be a few changes this year; different groups and contact teachers, groups in different rooms and the introduction of the Mobile phone ban which will mean students will need to securely lock their mobile phones in a special locker while at school. The student toilets were repainted at the end of last year as a student project and are looking amazing.  We have also updated some of the furniture in the hall and classrooms and are looking forward to a tidier and less cluttered space for learning.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday.

Wilson’s Prom Camp!

Wilson’s Prom did not disappoint us this year! Over the five day camp we had nearly every type of weather possible; we set up in 37 degree heat, got rained on during the hike to Sealer’s cove, had mild winds, and thankfully, packed up under overcast skies.

Wilson’s Prom is an incredibly beautiful place to visit and the 30 students and 10 staff members that attended the camp arrived home grateful for the experience. We had very little downtime, we were an active bunch. We did a different night walk every evening, even after the 19km Sealer’s Cove hike on Thursday! We swam in the ocean and the river and had a beautiful sunny afternoon kayaking. We played mini golf in Sandy Point and then half of us fished at Shallow Inlet or wandered up the beach to check out the migratory birds from Siberia. We would like to thank John (Jane’s dad) for such an informative and engaging birdwatching session.

Everyone worked together to make meals happen, students and staff shared all the preparing, cooking and cleaning jobs. Games were all inclusive and the activities were designed to have options and choices for everyone, so everyone always participated. Camping with 40 people presents a whole range of challenges and the group were impressive, so respectful of each other and willing to work through things quickly. The way the students supported each other was exemplary and our school community should be very proud of each and every one of these young people.

STEM Bridge Building

In junior science this term the focus has been on engineering and design, students then applied their learning in the creation of spaghetti bridges. After the research phase students were required to make their own bridge to specific guidelines. The bridges had to be under 300 gms, they had to be 37 cms in length, they were only allowed to use glue to join and a matchbox car had to be able to drive through/over it. The bridges breaking point was tested by adding weight to its centre and the strongest bridge made by Steph, held 36 times its own weight!