Sydney Road Community School

A small government secondary school in Brunswick

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Big Night Out 2016

What a spectacular evening of musical performances and dressing up!

This year we were treated to a varied range of musical styles and genres. Students made instruments, played instruments, wrote original songs, sung solo and in bands and shared beats with us.

Every year the talent that is showcased at our Big Night Out is incredible. It’s a credit to the students who brave the stage and share their musical prowess despite the nerves that come with performing.

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The Conversation Hour

Nelly Thomas, Principal For A Day @ SRCS co-hosting with Jon Faine on The Conversation Hour.
The Conversation Hour – 23 November – ABC Radio
Listen to this podcast if you want to hear some wonderful discussion about the complexities of our current education system. SRCS features very positively with thanks to Nelly Thomas who spent a day with us as Principal for a Day.

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Jack Charles V The Crown


As part of our ongoing partnership with Arts Centre Melbourne and The First Call Fund senior students were treated to an afternoon listening to Jack Charles. Jack was stolen from his Aboriginal mother when he was a baby, spent 40 years addicted and was imprisoned 22 times. He told us his story in an informal, humorous and often lighthearted manner but the students understood and respected the honesty of Jack’s journey and appreciated how brave he was to share it in all its truth.

It was an unusually sunny day and we grabbed the opportunity to walk around the botanical gardens, get some exercise, chat with each other and roll down the hills.

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Love Bites Napcan program

Over the last 2 days all middle-year students participated in the Love Bites program, focusing on domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention. The program is aimed to inform, educate and create discussion around domestic and sexual assault prevention with an emphasis on respectful relationships. Designated school staff and Women’s Information, Support and Housing in the North (WISHN) facilitators coordinated and ran the event.

LOVE BITES is an extremely successful school-based Domestic and Family Violence program based on best practice standards for education programs. It comes recommended by the Federal Government-funded Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, and other leading academics in the area of violence against women. To date, over 100,000 high school students throughout Australia have already participated in the program which is aimed at 14-16 year olds.

The 2 days were filled with rich discussion and a variety of activities leaving students feeling empowered to become active bystanders and challenge negative stereotypes in their day-to-day lives.

The final session involved 3 creative projects aimed at raising community awareness with the help of some seriously talented and creative individuals from the school and local community, who ran the projects. Students chose from; singing/songwriting/beats workshop, creating a patchwork canvas, and t-shirt printing. The outcomes of each project were a huge success and the students were able to create some truly powerful messages to share with the school and wider community.


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Mini Camp

To give SRCS students a taste of what end of year camp is like we held a mini camp in the school grounds yesterday.

Students sat under the marquees and played games, checked out the tents, heard about the outdoor activities, ate macaroni cheese and washed up their dishes all in the great outdoors.

Students were reminded that they need to pack a bowl, plate, fork, spoon and knife for camp and it will be their responsibility to clean these items at the end of each meal. Student were also reminded that suncream must be worn for all outside activities and that we would like all students to pack a drink bottle, a hat and appropriate clothing for outdoor activities. Wilson’s Prom can range from blistering hot to freezing cold in December and we would like everyone to prepared for a varied range of weather.

Students were also asked to bring back permission forms as soon as possible so we can get an idea of numbers and we can start planning the menu and activities schedule.

Camp is running from Monday November 28 until Friday December 2, if you have any questions or queries please get in touch with contact teachers.

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Principal for a Day Mock Debate

Our very own principal Ralph participated in a light hearted debate as part of the Principal for a Day program held at the Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership.

He is pictured here with both teams and adjudicator Nelly Thomas who SRCS hosted as Principal for a Day back in September.

Ralph was in the affirmative team and argued that ‘School was better in the good old days’, as he was in a room full of present day educators he doesn’t feel like his teams arguments were particularly well received.


Pictured: Wil McKenna (comedian), Nelly Thomas, Ralph Gotlib (Principal, Sydney Rd Community School), Anna Burke (former Speaker of the House), Karen Money (Principal, Melbourne Girls College), David Le Page (education consultant) & Kylee Bates (Ardoch Youth).