Sydney Road Community School

A small government secondary school in Brunswick

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SRCS had the pleasure of hosting Bicycle Network for a day of girls only inspirational bike riding events and workshops.

Bicycle Network bought in a set of beautiful white bikes and supported the girls in a ride along the Upfield bike path. The Kindness Effect facilitated an honest discussion around the idea of labels and judgements. Bikes@Work ran an extremely informative hands on bike maintenance session.

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On the 17th May Sydney Road celebrated IDAHOT ( IDAHOT stands for International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia). Some students went to raising of the flag event at Preston town hall in Darebin. There we listened to the local councillor give a speech about what IDAHOT day is and how proud he is and of the community to be raising the flag.

After the flag raising we went to listen a keynote speaker. A lady named Monique Hameed from the Multicultural Centre For Women, talked about what the centre is and the work she did with young same-sex attracted women from immigrant and refugee communities. She also talked about the programs they had ran over their past year. Afterwards we had a nice morning tea and then headed back to school.

Later that day two students Delaney and Jade sold cupcakes they made to raise money for the safe schools coalition banner the school is in the process of making. Overall for the day they made $74.70. Well done girls.

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VicSRC Conference

Sydney Road SRC Attends Annual VicSRC Regional Conference

On Tuesday, May 3rd, members of Sydney Road Community School’s SRC went to the annual VicSRC regional conference. After a crowded, early morning train ride to Southern Cross Station, nine of our SRC members gathered with twelve other SRCs from our region, and worked on team building and brain-storming for changes that we could make at SRCS. After a lot of hard work, this motivated group came up with many exciting ideas, ideas that they will be implementing as the year progresses. Some of them also won fake moustaches through various competitions. Be on the look out for these exciting ideas in the next few months, and talk to your SRC member about the changes you want to see!

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Safe Schools Coalition Visit SRCS

After all of the media attention focused on The Safe Schools Coalition and its validity as a nation wide curriculum resource, the VCE English classes are currently looking at this issue in depth. Students have been analysing the use of persuasive language and the different ways this issue has been presented in the media. Students invited Mel from Safe Schools to SRCS to get a first hand account of what Safe Schools do and will be presenting oral presentations of their opinions in the coming weeks. Mel presented a broad overview to the whole school on Tuesday morning and afterwards the VCE students invited Mel to English class and asked her so many questions that we had to go into recess!

We would like to thank Mel and everyone who supports Safe Schools because unfortunately not all schools are safe for all people.

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Sea Shepherd

We were very honoured to have Clare and Mandy, part of Sea Shepherd’s on shore crew, visit us here at SRCS!

Clare spent an hour and a half telling us all about the wonderful work that Sea Shepherd do on the high seas. We also learnt about the impacts that overfishing, littering and global warming are having on the oceans.

Clare gave us a range of tips on how to reduce our plastic consumption and how to make sure the plastic we do use goes in the rubbish bin, rather than the sea. The whole school listened avidly to everything in the presentation, we were a really respectful audience and asked a huge number of questions.

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Vote For Us in the Local Leader Grants!

Our school has put an application in this round of Local Leader Grants. We are hoping to get the most votes in Moreland so that SRCS students can access classes at gyms run by the YMCA. Everyone has ten votes and we’d love it if the school community voted for us.


The health and wellbeing of our students at Sydney Road Community School, a small government school in Brunswick, has always been a priority for us. Recent data collected from students showed a serious lack of physical activity in their lives. The aim of this idea would be to give students an opportunity to improve their overall fitness and health in a fun way by participating in classes run by the YMCA. Also to introduce them to a valuable community resource that they may use in the future.


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