Sydney Road Community School

A small government secondary school in Brunswick

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Safe Schools Coalition Visit SRCS

After all of the media attention focused on The Safe Schools Coalition and its validity as a nation wide curriculum resource, the VCE English classes are currently looking at this issue in depth. Students have been analysing the use of persuasive language and the different ways this issue has been presented in the media. Students invited Mel from Safe Schools to SRCS to get a first hand account of what Safe Schools do and will be presenting oral presentations of their opinions in the coming weeks. Mel presented a broad overview to the whole school on Tuesday morning and afterwards the VCE students invited Mel to English class and asked her so many questions that we had to go into recess!

We would like to thank Mel and everyone who supports Safe Schools because unfortunately not all schools are safe for all people.

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Sea Shepherd

We were very honoured to have Clare and Mandy, part of Sea Shepherd’s on shore crew, visit us here at SRCS!

Clare spent an hour and a half telling us all about the wonderful work that Sea Shepherd do on the high seas. We also learnt about the impacts that overfishing, littering and global warming are having on the oceans.

Clare gave us a range of tips on how to reduce our plastic consumption and how to make sure the plastic we do use goes in the rubbish bin, rather than the sea. The whole school listened avidly to everything in the presentation, we were a really respectful audience and asked a huge number of questions.

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Vote For Us in the Local Leader Grants!

Our school has put an application in this round of Local Leader Grants. We are hoping to get the most votes in Moreland so that SRCS students can access classes at gyms run by the YMCA. Everyone has ten votes and we’d love it if the school community voted for us.


The health and wellbeing of our students at Sydney Road Community School, a small government school in Brunswick, has always been a priority for us. Recent data collected from students showed a serious lack of physical activity in their lives. The aim of this idea would be to give students an opportunity to improve their overall fitness and health in a fun way by participating in classes run by the YMCA. Also to introduce them to a valuable community resource that they may use in the future.

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Middle’s camp at Shoreham

From the 8th-10th March all Middle Students (Years 9 and 10) went on camp to Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula.

The weather certainly didn’t disappoint which meant we were able to spend loads of time swimming, body boarding and playing on the beach.

A trip to the Enchanted Adventure Garden provided hours of fun with tube sliding, getting lost in a hedge maze, brain teasers, and feeling dizzy in a spooky 3D maze.

Fishing on the pier was great fun although we didn’t catch anything other than seaweed. We made up for our lack of fishes by having a BBQ by the water of Flinders beach and finishing with a walk along the pier.

It was great to get away from the city for a serene sea change before the colder weather kicks in. Turns out the students are great with a frisbee and Klop is our new favourite outdoor game.



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Joy FM Excursion

On Friday afternoon, members of the Inclusion Community Group visited JOY FM, Australia’s only GLBTIQ+ community radio station. They learnt about community radio stations, the  programs the organisation runs for young people, and had a chance to practise their On-Air skills. A big thanks to Alice and everyone at JOY FM for having us.


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