Sydney Road Community School

A small government secondary school in Brunswick

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CERES Vocational Education Training

Natasha is a VCAL student at SRCS and has recently been spotted in the CERES 2017 course guide. She is currently undertaking a vocational training (VET) course in horticulture as part of her VCAL studies. VET is a requirement of the VCAL certificate and there are numerous courses students can do in a range of different education environments. VET enables students to gain qualifications for all types of employment and gives them specific skills to help them in the workplace.


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Respectful Relationships Camp

After weeks of preparation and student organisation everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves in Shoreham. Students are contributing to every aspect of camp and are becoming very adept at group negotiation. The food has been incredible, students have been cooking and cleaning at every meal and the enthusiasm for activities and classes has been really impressive. Today we volunteered at Somers beach and spent the morning weeding and planting, we have been invited back next year because the students were so hard working. To top it all off, students participated in an introduction to the Respectful Relationships curriculum, students investigated the notion of empathy and practised taking the perspective of others. Students did such an amazing job of actively listening to each other and sharing their feelings and ideas. This is a really promising start to all of the Respectful Relationships lessons planned for this year.