Sydney Road Community School

A small government secondary school in Brunswick

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Joining the Dots Forum


In 2012 the Joining the Dots Project was initiated in the City of Yarra to identify, implement and evaluate a transition model for young people, their families, the community sector and schools to ensure young people transition well from primary to secondary school, remain engaged in education and connected to their learning. Five years later, Joining the Dots now encompasses four collaborative school-community projects (Yarra, Darebin, Moreland, and Reservoir), and has contributed to building the capacity of at least 22 schools to prioritise and implement strategies to improve the transition journey for students and families and ultimately their engagement in learning.

Last week Tess and Mel presented at the Joining the Dots Forum about the SRCS Parent Action Team. It was a really wonderful opportunity to share the action team model with others and see what other schools are doing to support transitions for young people.

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Health and PE

For the next four weeks, some Junior and Middle students are participating in circus skills and movement as part of their Health/PE unit of learning for Term 3.

SRCS’s resident Nurse, Jeremy, has been overseeing students conquer the ‘slack-line’ challenge, building on student confidence and encouraging collaborative learning. Other activities include skipping and juggling, moving towards the goal of students recording their improvement over the month and hopefully build to a demonstration of the students’ newfound skills.




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Spaghetti Bridges

Last term in Science, Matt and Jo’s junior group made spaghetti bridges. The students worked in small groups and were given specific dimensions of length and height for the bridges. On completion it could only weigh 400 grams and had to cover a span of 400mm.  

Here are our completed bridges:


Atticus and Hunter’s bridge.


Zoe, Zakiyya, Neimo and Azra’s bridge.


Lucien, Mo and Asher’s bridge.

We then tested the bridges strength by adding weight to the middle of the bridge. The results were amazing. Our winning bridge was designed and made by; Zoe, Zakiyya, Neimo and Azra. It was able to hold 3.95 kilograms of weight without sustaining any damage. We have decided not to destroy this bridge and keep it on show in the science lab as it was such a good design, it looks great and is incredibly strong.


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JUNK BAND – call for unused musical instruments

At SRCS we are very lucky to have the extremely talented Ross McLennan working with our young people to create new musical instruments from old instruments, recycled, found or discarded items.

Students work one-on-one with Ross to design, source materials, construct and then learn to play these bespoke, yet fully functional musical instruments.

If you have any old, unused or unwanted musical instruments, be they wind, strings, brass or percussion, and you would like them to be up-cycled please bring them down to the school. You may even be lucky enough to see one of these treasures being played at a future end of term concert or Big Night Out.


IMG_0160 IMG_0159 IMG_0158IMG_0161