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A small government secondary school in Brunswick

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TED Talks 2016

With a stellar line up of speakers this years TED event was a huge success. For the third year running students were treated to an exceptional range of interesting ideas from local politicians, artists and performers.

Samantha Ratnam, the current mayor of Moreland City Council, shared a heartfelt account of her migration to Australia as a young person and discussed how this impacted on her desire to make change via politics.

Hugh McGinley, the author of Jinx, delved into his experiences of becoming a published writer. He described what he had to do before he felt like he could call himself a writer and really instilled the importance of making mistakes in the process of making things happen.

Stephen Teakle, the man behind the eponymous character Mr Barry Morgan, explained  how his decision to become a full time musician and comedian without having a back up plan had to work. Stephen invested in his creativity and absolutely loves his job, he really encouraged students to follow their hearts when considering career choices.

Russ Pirie supports gender diverse young people with all aspects of theatre making in his role at YGLAM and has been involved with different projects at SRCS over the years. He was in the perfect position to  reveal that all performers have stage fright and shared a range of practical ways to combat nerves before and during public performances.

Each of these speakers inspired our students to step up out of the safety of their chairs and present a spoken presentation of their own in English classes. Students have been looking at the finer points of speaking and listening this term and created personal assessment rubrics which they trialled on our guest presenters. These rubrics were then used to asses themselves and their peers when presenting their own speeches.

The Sydney Road community would like to give heartfelt thanks to Sam, Hugh, Stephen and Russ for giving up this time to share with us such beautiful  and personal experiences and stories.




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Melbourne Writers Festival

The Melbourne Writers Festival may have come and gone but the memories live on strong. 
Some of our students were lucky enough to take part in the exciting and diverse program which included workshops on ‘Writing Narrative for Video Games’ and ‘Opinion Writing with Clementine Ford’. 
The English Faculty were filled with inspiration after watching Australian author John Marsden speak about his passionate interest in education and all things writing related. 
What a wonderful way for young and old writers, thinkers, illustrators and performers to participate and celebrate in this local event. We’re looking forward to next year already. 

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Inter school Olympics

Yesterday was the school athletics sports olympics with Collingwood and Kensington Community Schools. What a great day it was!

Dylan won the 400m and 100m men’s U14 finals, Taylah took out the women’s shot put and vortex, and Medea won the women’s 400m. Also big winners of the day were the whole of SRCS taking out the tug of war for the second year in a row (undefeated!).

Thanks to Shelley for cooking a wonderful BBQ lunch.


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Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences Term 3: Thursday October 6 from 2.00-6.30

Next term we will be trialling a new method of reporting student progress to parents and other caregivers. We are asking students to run student led conferences with contact teachers and parents/caregivers.

Contact teachers will assist students to prepare a conference portfolio. This will contain their Individual Learning Plan, Attendance and Effort scores and subject work samples to show and discuss. The focus will be on effort during classes and skills learnt across the term.

Please keep this date free and be sure to book in a time with the your child’s contact teachers.

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Community Camp 2016

Community Camp was a beautiful culmination of many discussions and decision making processes between students in Friday afternoon Community Groups. New this year, all junior and middle students have participated in groups that focus on inclusion, wellbeing and the environment. Within these groups students have been working within the Student Action Team framework and have come up with a range of questions and initiatives surrounding their community focus. Everyone has been working on projects that work towards building resilience within our school and the broader community.

Students take a lead role in the running of the classes, the research, the organisation of projects and liaising with partner organisations. Over the course of the year students have been working towards the running of a curriculum based community camp. Students designed the activities, the menu and participated in sessions within community groups over three days in Shoreham at camp St Vincent.

The environment group utilised the time in such a beautiful place to appreciate the environment with a number of walks to the beach. This group are working on a long term campaign to educate the community to choose a better option for the disposal of cigarette butts.

The wellbeing group have spent most the year introducing a range of (student chosen) healthier food options in the school canteen and inspired all students to work together preparing the camp menu, shopping, cooking and washing up.

The inclusion group bought the materials for and began to build a large inclusive sign for the front of the school. There were some really great problem solving and teamwork moments in these sessions.

Even though it was fun and rewarding working together on projects students also allocated time for bowling, mini golf, a night walk, murder in the dark, movies, free time, Pokemon Go, board games, basketball and football. Students negotiated cabin allocations, the activity rosters, movie selections and were very happy that they had arranged to have Sydney the wonder dog along to her very first school camp.


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Marrung Aboriginal Education Regional Forum

On 26th August DET Hume Moreland & NEAM region held Marrung Aboriginal Education forum at the Aborigines Advancement League.

The forum brought together DET Regional staff, VAEAI, Aboriginal community organisations and members, principles, students and the Koorie education workforce. The forum was a great platform for everyone to discuss the implementation of the plan in the region. Marrung Aboriginal Education Plan is focusing on better educational outcomes for Aboriginal students in Victoria.

We would like to acknowledge Dee’s excellent contribution for providing some really great feedback about her experiences as a Koorie student.

Marrung Dee


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The ‘Push’ is an instrument that interfaces with Ableton Live music creation software. You can use it to create and manipulate sounds and make electronic music easily without looking at a computer. SRCS recently received fifteen Ableton Push controllers as part of the ‘Push School Donation program’ run by Ableton, a company based in Berlin, Germany. This Donation Program is all about people trading in their old controllers to get a discount on new ones. The traded-in Push controllers are refurbished and given to music education programs for young people along with a free copy of Ableton Live. SRCS was lucky enough to be one of these schools.

On August 10th the VET Tech Class ran an event called “Push Down”. At this event the VET Tech students demonstrated a couple of different approaches for using the Push Controllers to create music. VET Tech student Marcus and teacher Dan West demoed the Push controllers by performing for the school audience.

The audience then had the chance to use the Push Controllers to mash-up and create their own beats. Ableton sent us stickers, t-shirts and lanyards to giveaway as a prizes.